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Business and Corporate Photography

What exactly is a corporate photography specialist, and what does it mean? To simplify, it means I have more than 20 years experience providing the kind of photographic imagery which corporations and other businesses require. Needless to say this is not the same kind of photography as you would expect from a small family portrait studio, a newspaper photographer, or even a fashion photographer. Corporate photography is a specific type of work designed to deliver on specific business needs. Yes, it must look good — but that’s only the beginning. Equally important is that it matches the visual style of the client’s brand and that it does not draw attention to itself. Corporate imagery is there to make executive personalities accessible or to highlight a new project, not call out ‘look how great our photographer is’.

What I Do, In Detail

In general, my corporate photography breaks down into four categories of work:

  • Corporate business portraits
  • Headshots
  • Product photography
  • Stock photos


Nearly every business will require at least one of these during its operating life, and most larger firms require all four.

Corporate Business Portraits

Business and Corporate Portraits

Corporate business portraits give executives and managers a place to shine. Depending on the firm these may go in the annual report or on other marketing literature. A good corporate business portrait gives an idea of who the executive is, what their management style is about, while showing them at their best. Unlike the portrait you would get from a regular photo studio, these are not necessarily about showing the role a person plays — they are about the person themselves.


Corporate Headshots

Headshots put faces to names. Usually a firm will want all their headshots to have the same standardised format, so they all convey a unified aesthetic when printed in brochures or on the company website. Headshots are also relatively fast. It’s not uncommon to go in and do headshot portraits of many different people in the space of a single day — which is not to say the quality is lower. It’s still crucially important to show every employee in the best possible light. Headshots may be a relatively standard format, head-and-shoulders portrait, but details still matter!

Product Photography

Product Photography - Dave Ashton

Who creates those remarkable photos you see in catalogues and ads, where the product looks so bright and attractive it seems to jump off the page? I do. Any company that manufactures or sells products eventually needs attractive pictures of their wares, and certainly in this day and age with everyone having websites good product photos are no longer optional. Often the only visual impression a customer will have of a firm’s products before they decide to make a purchase is the product photo. Therefore the product must look great! This is where I come in. I know all the visual lighting and effects tricks to create enticing, and where appropriate dramatic, images of a company’s products.

Stock Photos

Stock Photos

When the communications department is putting together a brochure or new section on the company website, they can’t go out and hire a photographer for every little picture. To be sure they would get remarkable results if they did, but the budget usually isn’t there. This is where stock photography comes in. Stock images are pictures designers can pull out of a ‘library’ to liven up a design or show something without incurring the expense of a custom photo shoot. Generally, stock photos depict themes and objects which come up often in business. For example:

  • Business concepts
  • City architecture
  • Backgrounds and landscapes
  • Generic products



Corporate photography is ultimately about achieving a specific business objective, so every aspect of the photoshoot must be tailored to that end. With 20 years of experience doing exactly that, I can say with confidence you’ll be satisfied when you hire me for your project.

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The Benefits Of Getting Professional Corporate Headshots

The Benefits Of Getting Professional Business Portraits & Headshots

We look at the benefits of having professional Corporate Photography

Corporate Headshots

A business portrait (also known as professional portrait or executive portrait) is a headshot (head and shoulders portraits). It is similar to a typical portrait, but rather than sitting on your mantel, professional business portrait is used for your business.

Business portrait or headshot can be used for.

  • Company website or blog
  • Advertising – Brochures, Magazines
  • Business cards
  • Social Profiles like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+


These portraits are also perfect for press releases, social networking sites and company brochures. Corporate headshots are also great for resumes especially when applying for a job, and any other medium of marketing your business.

Corporate Headshots For Business

Some professional photographers now specialise in corporate headshots due to the increased demand due to the popularity of online profiles such as Linkedin, Facebook and Google+. Headshots are more important than many people realise. Let me start by giving a good personal example. Imagine you are Human Resource Manger going through applications at your company. You have examined CVs and cover letters, and you have the best two candidates. To be sure you choose the most competent candidate, you also examine their linkedIn profiles. You get one candidate looking confident, capable and professionally able. But the other candidate profile looks incomplete and clearly has less attention paid to it. Which candidate would you think is serious with his/her career? I tend to think you will end up employing the first candidate, with a good LinkedIn profile. Corporate headshots are an asset both for a person looking to gain employment and for companies: It is often the difference between making sales and missing opportunities.

Some of the benefits of getting professional business portraits include:

People Hire Individuals – Not Companies

People will actually do business with you and not your company. Although you have a good business, poor presentation will make you lose customers. A quality headshot is priceless, it projects to your client and prospects a very powerful positive message, which increases the perceived value of your business.

First Impressions Count

When presenting your business in the market through printed materials, social media or website, your headshot is very important because it will give your client first impression. Think of a corporate portrait as your billboard, it makes your business stand out from the rest, and thus your customer can easily identify your company.

Reinforces Your Commitment To Quality and Professionalism

A good skillfully crafted photo represents and establishes your company identity, credibility and competence. Business prospers when you develop relationship, and people will do business with people they like, know and trust. It will help you to develop a better connections with people you are doing business with.

Corporate photography creates a human identity for your business or company. This dramatically lowers chances of blackmail which can damage the reputability of any business.

Tips For Corporate Photos

  • Always hire a professional corporate photographer that specializes in business
  • Ensure you have a good background. Most people look good in midtone colors (brown, blue, green among other colors). Avoid colors that will approximate your flesh. But let the background match your business branding.
  • Check your clothing- clothing should match your branding.
  • No selfie – the use of self-portrait has sky rocketed, and at the same time has received negative comments especially when used in official business.
  • Get a great team photo especially on the “about’ us” section of your website.


Must Have For All Professionals

Having a professional photo of your self or your entire team is a “must have” for any serious person or company. It’s definitely an investment that should be high on the list.


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